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Lawn Care

Many homeowners take pride in a lush, thick lawn. With Rice's Tree Service & Landscaping Inc. on the job, you can cross Cleveland lawn care off your chore list. Over 20 years of experience in lawn maintenance, have made us experts at “making all things green” in your yard. We serve North Royalton, Broadview Heights, Parma OH and other Cleveland suburbs with lawn services, snow removal, tree services and yard landscaping. Call us today at (440) 582-7669 to learn more.

Back to the Basics in Lawn Care

At Rice's Tree Service & Landscaping Inc. we understand that a great lawn care program starts with great soil. Sometimes soil needs to be amended in order to have a thick, healthy lawn. With our lawn service, we’ll help you to achieve that lush carpet of grass you’ve always wanted. The type of grass seed you use when seeding a new lawn or as part of your lawn maintenance program is also important. We’ll help you choose the seed that is formulated to provide the best results for the conditions in your yard.

Lawn Maintenance Services   Lawn Care Service Brecksville OH

Cleveland Lawn Maintenance

Other considerations for your lawn care include fertilizing and watering. They both have a place in a healthy lawn maintenance program. Too much or too little fertilizer and water can wreak havoc with your lawn, as can applying these two elements at the wrong time. As part of our lawn services, we’ll be sure that your lawn has the proper application of both these resources in the recommended time frame.

Rice's Tree Service & Landscaping Inc. provides a variety of lawn maintenance services. Call us today at (440) 582-7669 for your Cleveland landscaping needs or to schedule a Brecksville lawn maintenance service.

Lawn Care Challenges

Everyone experiences lawn care problems at some point in their homeowner history. If you’re experiencing a thinning lawn, ineffective fertilizer and excess runoff, these could all be signs that you may need lawn aeration services. Aeration allows your lawn to breathe, and as part of a lawn maintenance program, can help restore your lawn to good health once again.

Rice's Tree Service & Landscaping Inc. lawn maintenance services can also help you with other common problems such as dead spots, mushroom growth and proper mowing practices.

We are your trusted, fully insured lawn care provider in the North Royalton and other Cleveland, Ohio area suburbs. Don’t forget to call us at (440) 582-7669 for your additional all-season property maintenance needs, including landscaping, tree services and snow removal services. We are experienced, customer-oriented professionals using state-of-the-art equipment to deliver superior results with all of our lawn services. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment.

At Rice's Tree Service & Landscaping Inc., located in Broadview Heights, Ohio, we have over 25 years of experience as landscapers. We provide the communities surrounding Cleveland, OH, including Parma, North Royalton, and Brecksville, with superior landscaping, snow removal, and various other lawn services. We’re known for our attention to detail and our efficient, affordable service. Call us year-round at (440) 582-7669 for all your landscaping and snow removal needs.