A beautiful tree in your yard can provide much-needed shade or a lovely view for bird-watching. While trees can be a gorgeous addition to your landscaped home, there are times when one or more may need to be removed. The team at Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping is only a phone call away when tree removal is necessary. If you are experiencing any of the following tree mishaps, we can be there in no time to prevent further destruction.

3 Necessary Reasons To Remove a Tree From Your Cleveland Yard

1. Tree Is Dying or Diseased

A dead or diseased tree can quickly become an eyesore on your beautiful landscape. Sometimes, it’s a disease that causes a tree to die while in some cases, it’s an insect infestation around the tree that is causing lethal harm. Often, a tree needs to be removed in order to prevent the spread of disease or insects to other trees and plants in the yard.

2. Branches Too Close to Your Home

Do you often hear tree branches brushing up against your windows on a windy day? When the branches are small and weak, this doesn’t pose any threat to your home. However, as the branches grow bigger, this could pose a safety hazard, and potentially cause damage to your gutters, roof, or even electrical lines. Removing or pruning these branches will keep your home safe from future tree accidents.

3. Tree Has Fallen Due to Weather

With spring tornadoes and summer thunderstorms, a fallen tree is not an unusual sight in Cleveland. Strong winds and hail can cause a multitude of damage to the trees in your yard, including broken limbs, splintered branches, and uprooted trees. When this occurs, a tree must be properly trimmed or even removed before it can cause any further destruction to your yard or home.

Tree Removal Services in Cleveland

If you live in the Cleveland area, contact Rice’s Tree Service today at (440) 582-7669 for a free tree removal estimate. We also gladly provide lawn care services, such as spring and fall cleanup, mulching, lawn maintenance, and landscaping throughout North Royalton, Medina, Broadview Heights, and the surrounding communities.