Tree pruning is one of the most common forms of tree maintenance. Not only does it make the trees in your yard look healthy and beautiful, but it also keeps them strong with productive, long-lasting growth. The experts at Rice’s Tree Service and Landscaping provide regular tree trimming and pruning services that are aimed at both improving weak, damaged trees and maintaining strong, healthy trees. Why is it so important to cut back the limbs and branches on these gorgeous shade providers? Read more below to find out the benefits of this essential step of proper tree maintenance.

3 Reasons to Properly Prune Your Trees Each Spring

1. Improve Health

When one or more of the evergreens, oaks, or maples in your yard contains dead or decaying branches, trimming can help prevent any further spreading of the plant’s disease. By eliminating the dying and diseased parts of the tree, you are promoting new and healthy tree growth. Thinning out damaged branches also allows full sun exposure, as well as thorough air circulation throughout the tree’s vast canopy. Both sunlight and proper air circulation will greatly improve the health of the trees on your property.

2. Reduce Risk of Injury

Trees that hang low over power lines, lay directly across the roof of your home, or consistently brush against your windows, are a catastrophe just waiting to happen. When windy or stormy weather approaches, these trees can cause unexpected damage to your home, other outdoor structures, a vehicle, or your property in general. Trimming these dangerous branches will greatly reduce any chance of a hazardous accident from taking place.

3. Maintain Structure

Newly planted or young trees need to be gently shaped and structured throughout the growth process. Properly pruning young saplings can help form a solid structure that will provide strong limbs, sturdy branches, and an overall healthier tree.

To keep your trees healthy and strong, contact the team at Rice’s Tree Service by calling (440) 582-7669. Located in North Royalton, OH, we gladly provide all of our services to the Medina, Broadview Heights, and Cleveland areas. Along with our top-notch trimming services, we also provide expert tree removal and thorough lawn care services.