Trees add value to your Ohio home. Not only do they offer shade during the hot summer months, but they also have aesthetic value—especially when their leaves turn vibrant orange and red in autumn. You want to protect your trees and take good care of them, and Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping can help you do just that with three of these tree-care tips.

1. Get rid of dead trees.

If you have any trees that have lost their life, it may be time to get rid of them. Dead trees are an eyesore and can also pose a safety hazard to your home due to the possibility of fallen limbs or worse. Plus, these dead trees may have had diseases that you don’t want to spread to your other trees—it’s best to call a tree removal service and get rid of them.

2. Prune lifeless branches.

Even healthy trees get dead branches from time to time. It’s best to have these branches pruned so that the tree can focus on sending its nutrients to the healthy branches. Trees generally need a thorough tree trimming and pruning every three years.

3. Get a tree inspection.

Many homeowners don’t realize their trees have problems until it’s too late. Your best bet is to have a tree service come annually or every other year to take a look at your trees—assessing them for signs of distress or disease. That way, problems can be taken care of as soon as possible.

Keep your trees healthy year after year with these three tree tips. For professional tree service as well as lawn care, you can rely on Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping. We serve the Ohio residents of North Royalton, Cleveland, Medina, Broadview Heights, and the surrounding areas.

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