If your lawn or property is in need of some TLC, Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping is the answer you’ve been looking for. Since 1990, we’ve been serving the Cleveland area as professional tree climbers and landscapers. When you have a tree that is in desperate need of trimming, a dead tree that needs to be removed, or flower beds that are overgrown, we are ready to make your lawn and landscape look amazing.

3 Ways Rice's Tree Service Can Beautify Your Cleveland Property

1. Tree Trimming & Pruning

Whether you have trees with a dense canopy or low-hanging branches, you may be in need of some tree trimming and pruning. Our team can also handle any type of unhealthy tree problems such as dead branches, diseased trees, and damaged limbs. With our education in tree health, we can also assess the condition of your trees. We’ll give you a recommendation for how often your trees should be trimmed in order to maintain their overall health.

2. Tree Removal

When you have a tree that is beyond saving or is a threat to your home or garage, tree removal can be a viable solution. Our tree climbers are experts in using safe, yet effective, procedures for removing any tree, regardless of its location or condition. The difference in our approach is how we work from inside the tree rather than through the use of buckets or cranes. This allows us to hold more control over the tree removal process, keeping you, our tree climbers, and your property safe and sound.

3. Landscaping

There’s nothing less appealing than unkempt garden beds, dry and patchy lawns, or yards full of weeds and overgrown bushes. Professional landscaping will save you a tremendous amount of time doing back-breaking manual labor, especially when you have quite a bit of work that needs to be done. Our landscapers can tackle any kind of landscape issues, including bed edging and maintenance, mulching, lawn mowing, shrub trimming, and more.

Professional Tree Removal & Landscaping

Rice’s Tree Service is proud to serve the Cleveland area and all surrounding communities with our professional landscaping, tree pruning, and tree removal solutions. Call us today at (440) 582-7669 to schedule an appointment or to request a free estimate.