Sun, wind, ice, and snow can all cause irreparable damage to the trees, shrubs, and evergreens located on your Medina property. While there are many ways to protect the greenery in your yard, Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping recommends these three methods to specifically prevent undue harm to tree roots, trees, and evergreens.

3 Ways to Protect Trees from Snow, Wind, and Sun Damage

1. Protect Roots

Trees and shrubs that are new to your property since the last winter are especially susceptible to the harsh weather that winter brings to Ohio. Protecting their roots is one of the first lines of defense, ensuring a strong root system for the upcoming spring season. Follow these steps to prevent roots from weakening during the winter season:

  • Cover roots with 3 to 4 inches of wood mulch.
  • Water the tree before the ground freezes.
  • Fill the area surrounding the tree with soil as needed.

2. Protect Trees

When winters are especially dry and cold, trees may be vulnerable to scalding from the sun. Trees that are particularly unsafe are newly planted trees, trees with thin barks, and young trees. Prevent sunscald by following these three steps:

  • Wrap the trunk with commercial tree wrap or plastic white guards to reflect the sun.
  • Keep young trees wrapped for at least two winters, and thin-barked trees wrapped for five winters or longer.
  • Wrap the trees in the fall, and do not remove until after the last frost in the spring.

3. Protect Evergreens

While evergreens hold onto their foliage throughout the winter, they still need to be supported during these cold months. There are a few ways you can protect these trees from freezing temperatures and dry, snowy conditions.

  • When planting new evergreens, do so on the north or northeast side of buildings, or in areas that are naturally protected during winter.
  • Create a barrier, using burlap or similar material, to protect the south and southwest sides of evergreens.
  • For evergreens that are already damaged, wrap them completely with burlap but leave the top open to allow for air and sunlight.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

At Rice’s Tree Service, our priority is to keep your lawn, trees, and shrubs healthy for years to come. For questions about our lawn care, tree trimming, or tree removal services, contact us today at (440) 582-7669

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