Warmer weather and sunnier days mean that spring is here and summer is on its way. This is a great time to begin cleaning up your Cleveland area yard. It’s the first step towards having a freshly manicured lawn and landscape for the summer and fall months. At Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping, we customize our spring clean-up services for each of our customers. Below is a brief description of three different ways we can clean up your Cleveland lawn and property.

3 Ways We Provide Top-Notch Spring Clean-Up for Your Yard

1. Remove Leaves & Debris

Even though you may have picked up your yard in the fall, there is much that happens during the winter months. Leftover leaves that fall off trees in the winter and debris blown around by the wind are typically found in yards across Cleveland. Depending on your particular landscaping, there may also be scattered mulch, dead flowers, and fallen tree branches to pick up.  

2. Weed Flower Beds

Winter can be rough on flower and plant beds. Not only do we weed these beds, but we also take the necessary time to redefine the beds, creating clean, smooth lines between the lawn and the flower beds. We’ll also apply fertilizer to the flower beds, giving them a healthy and nutritious boost for the summer.

3. Install New Mulch

When all of the leaves and debris are removed and the flower beds are weeded, we then focus on finishing off your property with a fresh application of mulch. Trees, shrubs, and flower beds all receive a new updated look for the summer season. If your flower beds are lined with other materials like rocks or decorative stone, we’ll also fill in any bare spots with these lawn dressing materials.

Expert Lawn Care in Cleveland

Contact our team today at (440) 582-7669 to schedule your spring clean-up. We’ll give you the lawn and landscape you’ve always wanted with our family of lawn care services, including tree removal, trimming and pruning, lawn mowing, land clearing, and more.

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