Do you mulch your Cleveland area property? If not, you may be missing out on healthier garden beds and a thriving lawn. At Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping, we perform mulching as part of our comprehensive lawn care services. Keep reading to learn why mulching is important and how it can greatly benefit your Cleveland lawn and property.

4 Benefits of Mulch For Your Property

1. Reduces Weeds

If you enjoy weeding your garden, then you may not want to mulch your flower beds. Mulch is an excellent solution for keeping those pesky weeds at bay. A ground covering of three to four inches will suffocate existing weeds and prevent any weed seeds from germinating. Any weeds that do grow can be easily removed as the mulch also won’t allow them to root deep into the soil.

2. Controls Temperature

Another advantage of mulching is how well it maintains the temperature of the soil. As temperatures rise, the mulch will keep the soil and the plant or tree roots crisp and cool. As temperatures decrease in the fall, mulch will protect the roots and keep them safe from the bitter cold.

3. Retains Moisture

Moisture is important for any living greenery. One thing that mulch can do for your shrubs, trees, and garden beds is retain their moisture. Yes, you’ll still need to water them, but during a particularly dry spell, you may not need to water them as often. Plus, if you’re out of town for a few days, you can water your beds and greens very well, and then let the mulch do the rest.

4. Prevents Erosion

If you’ve spent time designing and creating beautifully landscaped lawn and flower beds, don’t let all of that go to waste with eroding soil. Mulch can prevent soil erosion by protecting the soil, plants, and their roots from being washed away by rainstorms.

Expert Landscaping in Cleveland

Rice’s Tree Service gladly provides several lawn care services in Cleveland including mulching, bed edging, spring and fall cleanup, lawn mowing and trimming, shrub trimming, tree trimming, and tree removal. Contact us today at (440) 582-7669 to get a free quote for our lawn services or to learn about any of our current specials.

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