With winter in full swing, this cold icy season is a very appropriate time to service your trees. You may think that the warmer months are better for tree maintenance since the trees are growing and vibrant with their big beautiful leaves, however, there are many reasons why trimming, pruning, or removing trees in winter can be valuable to the health of your property. At Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping, learn more about the four benefits of servicing your trees in the winter.

4 Benefits of Servicing Your Trees in the Winter

1. Reduce Stress on Trees

During winter, trees go dormant and stop growing. Pruning trees when they’re dormant causes less stress to the tree. Not only are you providing some much-needed health maintenance for your hardwoods, but you’re also helping them get through the winter months without overtaxing them. 

2. Manage Diseases

Trees are living plants and are susceptible to diseases just like any other living organism. Some tree varieties are vulnerable to specific bacteria, pathogens, or pests. Pruning them during the warmer months can make them even more vulnerable to these ailments. If you’ve struggled with tree diseases before, pruning them in the winter would be an excellent option.

3. Prune Easily

Although very beautiful, it can be difficult to prune trees when they’re in full bloom. After the leaves have fallen off, it’s much easier to view their structure as a whole. This makes pruning the tree easier as you can clearly see which branches and limbs are dead, diseased, or damaged. 

4. Minimize Turf Damage 

If you need to have a tree removed, it may not seem possible, but winter can be a good time to remove it. Everything is cold and frozen, including the grass and ground. Although many tree removal services do their best to lessen the impact of tree removal on the landscape, it’s still possible for there to be some damage. When the ground is frozen, it’s more likely there will be minimal damage to the turf during the removal process. 

Professional Tree Service

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