If you’re looking for creative ways to enhance your Cleveland property, there are several landscape components and design features to consider. Whether it’s adding some winding pathways, incorporating a particular style or theme, or installing an interesting focal point, all of these elements can help you design a landscape you will enjoy for years to come. At Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping, we recommend that you consider applying these four creative elements that can enhance your Cleveland lawn.

4 Creative Ways to Enhance Your Cleveland Landscape

1. Balanced Components

In your landscape design, use complementary components that create a balanced visual appeal. If you incorporate mismatched styles with no harmonious theme this can make your yard look untidy and disorderly. You can play around with various plants, flowers, and shrubs, as well as types of mulch and bed borders to create a unique design, but be sure that each element complements and enhances one another.

2. Straight or Winding Pathways

When designing your Cleveland landscape, be sure to include pathways that seamlessly flow throughout your garden. Maybe you want fairly straight trails that lead from one flower bed to the next. Perhaps you’d prefer more winding or curvy paths that allow you to walk through and enjoy your new garden. Whatever you choose, these pathways can add an interesting element to your newly landscaped area.

3. Focal Elements

Another way to enhance your property is by adding an interesting focal point or two. Structures like statues or large rocks, waterfalls or birdbaths, and blooming trees or flowering shrubs can all add a creative and unique focus to your garden area. These items should naturally complement the rest of the landscape design as well as enhance the entirety of your property.

4. Smooth Transitions

As you plan and design each individual element of your landscape, you need to ensure that each component transitions smoothly from one to the next. This will prevent you from planning a haphazard and odd-looking landscape design that looks messy and unprofessional. 

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