To keep your yard and exterior looking its best, you periodically need to have your trees trimmed. Homeowners themselves can do this task, but the risk of personal injury can be very high. It’s best to leave this job for the professionals, like the experts at Rice’s Tree Service and Landscaping. And besides appearance, there are plenty of ways your trees and property will benefit from a trim.

Tree Trimming Service

Help Your Trees Grow

Professional pruning can improve the health of your trees by eliminating dead or dying branches. It can also prevent further decay from taking place. Dead branches are often dangerous to remove, which is why it is important to hire one of our professionals to trim your trees. Pruning your trees also increases sun exposure and air circulation throughout the tree and landscape below which promote’s good tree health.

Improve Appearance and Structure

Trimming will improve the overall appearance and structure of the tree. Cutting off dead limbs and removing fast-growing sections will give your tree a whole new look. If you have a viewpoint from your home that is being obstructed by limbs, we can provide a crown reduction or even cut a “window” into the canopy that is blocking your favorite view.

Remove Hazards to Your Property

By far, this is the most important reason to hire our professionals to prune your tree. Strong winds and severe storms can easily break off dead branches. This can be a liability to both your home and your personal safety. Limbs that grow near or around power lines can also be a safety hazard. 

Encourage Fruit Production

If you have fruit trees, pruning can improve the size and quality of the crop. Dead branches need to be removed quickly since they are highly susceptible to insect infestation and disease. Due to the specificity of recognizing dead or diseased tissue, it’s best to leave this task to a professionally trained eye. 

Rice’s Tree Service team has years of experience in trimming and pruning. We offer tree services from Medina to Broadview Heights and beyond North Royalton, OH. Contact us today, or call (440) 582-7669 to learn more about all of Rice’s services.