While many of us often weed our flower beds or pull dead leaves out of our mulched gardens, we don’t often think about trimming our trees. This is a necessary step for the appearance of our property, the health of our greenery, and the safety of our home and families. At Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping, we provide professional tree trimming and pruning for property owners across the Cleveland area. Consider these reasons when deciding if your trees could use a professional trimming from the tree experts.

4 Reasons Your Trees Will Benefit from Regular Trimming

1. Appearance

A tree can take on an unbalanced and misshapen appearance when not trimmed regularly. Just as we all need haircuts to tame our shaggy locks, a tree needs a trim to keep its branches from growing in several different directions. Our professional tree trimmers will know exactly which branches to cut and which limbs to thin out. It’s our job to ensure your trees grow evenly, enhancing your Cleveland property.

2. Curb Appeal

Lawn care, such as weeding flower beds and mowing grass, not only keeps your property strong and healthy, but also keeps it looking clean and beautiful. This is exactly what tree trimming does for the landscape of your property. By trimming densely packed limbs and pruning scraggly-looking branches, you’ll be enhancing both your home and landscape.

3. Health

A tree that is left to grow into an ungroomed and ragged mess does not often grow into a healthy tree. If not pruned properly, trees become weak and are less likely to survive . Diseased and infected branches need to be removed in order to keep the rest of the tree healthy. This makes the tree stronger and gives it a higher chance of living a long, healthy life.

4. Safety

If a tree has been damaged in a storm and has loosely hanging limbs or branches, it poses a safety risk to your property and your family. One windy day and those branches could fall on a vehicle, your home, electrical lines, or most unfortunately, a person. Trimming loose branches is a must in order to keep your family and property safe.

Tree Trimming & More

At Rice’s Tree Service, we offer professional tree trimming along with many other lawn care services, such as tree removal, spring and fall cleanup, shrub pruning, and more. Contact us today at (440) 582-7669 to learn more.

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