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Celebrate summer with outdoor parties under the shade of a beautiful backyard tree. In addition to landscaping projects, summer is a great time to look at the health of the trees on your property. The tree experts at Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping will inspect the health of your trees and perform tree trimming and pruning, as needed. Proper tree maintenance results in beautiful views throughout all four seasons. Before you begin your own pruning project, consider these four common questions.  Our tree trimming experts have the answers to these questions and more to guide you in best practices for tree and lawn care. 

Why Prune Trees?

Preventative maintenance, including removing dead limbs and trees, is essential to the safety of your surrounding areas. Thinning excessive tree branches controls air flow, water, and nutrients. Pruning to remove bulk from the tree removes excess weight and the sail-like effect.  A healthy tree can withstand severe weather conditions while producing less debris and cleanup. With view enhancements from tree trimming, a safe tree is a beautiful tree.

When should I prune trees?

Trees should be pruned approximately every three years for maximum growth. Pruning trees during the summer months slow unwanted growth and correct shape due to damage. For larger jobs, the Arbor Day Foundation suggests winter as the ideal time for significant pruning, as the tree is dormant.

What should be pruned?

When pruning trees, look for broken, swollen, and bulky branches. Broken branches are damaged and should be removed to encourage healthy growth. The Arbor Day Foundation suggests being on the lookout for swollen branches. These infected branches could contain insect eggs or disease and should be removed.  Bulky branches should be thinned to decrease the weight burden.

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Why should I hire an expert?

Pruning large trees should be left to the experts with the proper equipment and safety training by arbor masters. When a large tree is damaged, it can pose a safety hazard. Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping is available around the clock for emergency tree removal at residential and commercial properties. Equipped with ropes, rigging, and thorough training, Rice’s expert tree trimmers maintain optimal safety and control to minimize the risk of property damage when pruning or removing trees. For a free estimate on tree services and to hear about our specials, call (440) 582-7669.

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