4 Reasons Why You Should Professionally Trim Your Trees

To keep your yard and exterior looking its best, you periodically need to have your trees trimmed. Homeowners themselves can do this task, but the risk of personal injury can be very high. It’s best to leave this job for the professionals, like the experts at Rice’s Tree Service and Landscaping. And besides appearance, there are plenty of ways your trees and property will benefit from a trim.

Preserve Your Trees and Property with Tree Service from the Pros!

Summer has finally arrived, and you enjoy spending time each day under the shade of your favorite backyard tree. You can’t imagine your property without your favorite tree, so it’s time to call the experts to maintain its integrity. At Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping, we are your professional tree servicing contacts in the Cleveland area. Let us help with tree trimming, tree removal, and lawn care services to keep your property thriving throughout summer and beyond!

Big Questions to Ask Yourself About Tree Removal

Got a tree issue? You may want to get it removed, but sometimes tree removal is more complicated than you’d think. There’s safety, cleanup, and possible neighbors to consider. But don’t worry—our team at Rice’s Tree Service and Landscaping is highly experienced and knowledgeable in tree removal.However, it is good to be informed of the tree removal process. Below is a list of some of the important things you should think about if you find yourself needing to remove a tree from your property.

Remove Hazardous Trees before Winter Hits

We love fall in Ohio. The leaves turn beautiful hues of reds, oranges, and yellows, and the air cools down—perfect for hiking or bonfires. Your trees are likely at their most beautiful stage of the year. However, sooner or later, the leaves begin to drop. For the first time in a while, you may begin to notice that some of your trees aren’t fairing so well. Before winter moves in and you’re bombarded with snow and ice, you may want to consider getting those damaged branches or trees removed by Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping.

6 Fall Landscaping Tips

It’s official! Fall has arrived! Along with the beautiful fall foliage and the sounds of migratory birds come seasonal yard cleaning and maintenance tasks that just can’t be ignored. Take a look at these tree and lawn care tips, as recommended by the landscaping professionals at Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping, and then head outside to enjoy the crisp fall air.

How To Attract Birds, Butterflies and Wildlife to Your Garden

Have you ever wondered what you can do to attract more birds, butterflies, and other wildlife to your North Royalton, Ohio yard or garden? The landscaping professionals at Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping have put together the following helpful tips for those who want to learn more about landscaping for nature, or “naturescaping”.

Spring Lawn Care in Ohio

Ohio homeowners across the state are rejoicing that winter is finally melting away, and warmer weather is turning everything outdoors green. Maybe you, too, are already dreaming of spending time outside riding bikes, swimming, or having a picnic at the park. However, before things really heat up, give your lawn and landscaping a great start.

3 Tips for Healthy Trees

Trees add value to your Ohio home. Not only do they offer shade during the hot summer months, but they also have aesthetic value—especially when their leaves turn vibrant orange and red in autumn. You want to protect your trees and take good care of them, and Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping can help you do just that with three of these tree-care tips. 1. Get rid of dead trees. If you have any trees that have lost their life, it may be time to get rid of them. Dead trees are an eyesore and can also pose a safety hazard to your home due to the possibility of fallen limbs or worse. Plus, these dead trees may have had diseases that you don’t want to spread to your other trees—it’s best to call a tree removal service and get rid of them. 2. Prune lifeless branches. Even healthy trees … Continued

10 Safety Tips for Tree Trimming

Has it been years since your trees have been trimmed? When tackling a tree pruning project, safety is crucial. Serving North Royalton and surrounding areas, Rice’s Tree Service and Landscaping is knowledgeable about the safety precautions of tree service.