It’s official! Fall has arrived! Along with the beautiful fall foliage and the sounds of migratory birds come seasonal yard cleaning and maintenance tasks that just can’t be ignored. Take a look at these tree and lawn care tips, as recommended by the landscaping professionals at Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping, and then head outside to enjoy the crisp fall air.Fall lawn care services Ohio

Fall Landscaping Checklist

Whether you take care of all of your own yard work or hire experienced landscapers for your lawn care, here’s what needs to be done:

  1. Pull out dead plants and weeds from the garden, and cut back perennials that need it. Remove debris and leaf litter, edge garden beds, and fluff up organic mulch.
  2. Continue to mow the lawn until growth appears to have stopped or significantly slowed for approximately two weeks. For optimal lawn care, it should not be cut any shorter than two to three inches in length for the winter.
  3. Pull or spot treat weeds in the lawn with a natural herbicide in the fall so that they aren’t popping back up in the spring.
  4. Apply a slow-release fertilizer to make your turf grass hardier so it withstands winter and comes out lush and lovely after the snow melts.
  5. Before the first snowfall, be sure to rake up all the leaves in the yard. Leaves left on the lawn can lead to rot and kill off your grass because they can either block water from reaching the grass or trap in too much moisture during the winter.
  6. Finally, take a look at your trees and shrubs. Trimming and pruning keeps woody plants healthier and improves your view. You may also want to consider tree removal if you have any old or diseased trees that might not make it through the winter.

Fall is a great time of year to head outside and enjoy your yard and garden. With a little help from Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping, you can have your fall yard maintenance finished off in no time! If you’re in Cleveland, North Royalton, Broadview Heights, or Medina, Ohio, contact us online. or call (440) 582-7669 to arrange for lawn care services and tree services. You can also book now for your winter snow removal!