In the wintertime, you probably don’t often think about how snow can damage the trees on your Medina property. You’re likely more concerned with making sure your sidewalk and driveway are cleared, as well as the roof of your home not being stressed by an abundance of the white fluffy stuff. The truth is that snow can be very damaging to trees and shrubs. Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping understands how destructive snow can be to the trees on your property. Knowing how snow can damage your trees will help you in preventing this damage as much as possible.

How Does Snow Damage Trees?

Heavy Snow & Ice

Remember that beautiful light snow that falls so gently to the ground in the winter? That type of snow doesn’t really do any damage to trees or shrubs. The snow that is wet, heavy, and great for making snowballs can cause branches to bend and break off. Plus, snow mixed with freezing temperatures can result in ice forming on your trees. This can cause irreparable damage as well.

Snowblowers & Snow Plows

Heavy snow that is blown or plowed onto trees and shrubs in a forceful manner becomes much more tightly packed together. This dense snow can build up against trees and their branches, causing the same type of damage as wet snow that falls to the ground. The best thing to do is brush snow off your trees after the snowblower or snow plow comes through.

Salt from the Roads

Salt can be very helpful in melting ice that has accumulated on the road. The problem with salt isn’t how it can keep people safe while driving, but what it does to trees during winter. When salt is mixed with slushy snow and then plowed into your yard time and time again, this abundance of sodium can not only harm trees but also the ground in which they grow. It can creep into the soil and damage the tree’s strong sturdy roots. 

Professional Tree Service in Medina

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