The winter months bring harsh winds, thick blankets of snow, and icy conditions. Any of these can cause major damage to both young and old trees in your yard. The professional team at Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping is ready to assist with any tree repairs or removals. You can also attempt to make repairs on your own by following the recommendations below.

Trees Damaged by Winter Storms

Safety First

Safety is number one when working with broken or injured trees. Before you begin applying first aid to the damaged tree, be sure to check your surroundings completely. Are there any large, broken tree branches hanging up high that could fall while you’re making repairs? Do you see downed power lines nearby? If either of these is the case, immediately stop what you are doing and call a professional, such as Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping.

Check for Broken Branches

Once you have considered your safety and the safety of others assisting you, begin removing any branches that are hanging or are separated from the tree. If any limbs or branches are cracked, cut them off at the next healthy tree branch.

Repair Damaged Bark

Repairing damaged bark will make the tree not only look better, but will also help it heal faster. Carefully repair any torn bark by using a chisel or knife to smooth away rough edges where the bark was ripped away. Do your best to leave the inner greenish bark, which helps supply the tree with the nutrients it now desperately needs.

Leave Healthy Branches

People often make the mistake of trimming a tree of its healthy branches, thinking they are somehow improving the health of the tree. Unfortunately, this is not true. Do not remove any healthy wood from the tree. It needs the strength and energy of its healthy limbs and branches in order to heal itself.

When a tree damaged by winter’s strong storms cannot be repaired or requires professional removal, be sure to call the experts at Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping. Since 1990, we have been serving customers and clients in northeast Ohio. Call our friendly staff at (440) 582-7669 for a free estimate on our tree removal services.


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