As the leaves begin to turn and the air becomes crisp, it’s time to start thinking about winter weather. Protecting your landscaping from a harsh winter is important to avoid damage. At Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping, caring for Cleveland area properties is our year-round passion. We’re the experts in lawn maintenance, snow removal, and tree care. Let us help preserve your landscaping this fall and winter for a beautiful start next spring.

Trees have growth cycles throughout the year to acclimate to weather changes. Keep in mind the winter changes in your tree for proper care and maintenance.


As the seasons change, trees adapt for survival. During the fall season, leaves fall, and the tree becomes dormant. These structural changes help to slow growth for preservation during cold conditions.


While a tree is dormant, it’s a great time for removing bulk from tree branches. Pruning this fall helps prevent unnecessary damage from heavy snowfall and harsh winds. Tree trimming and pruning require expertise to ensure the tree isn’t damaged. Our professional tree trimmers are here to perform precision trims this fall. 

Water Supply

Plants are still alive while dormant which means they still need water and nutrients. Placing mulch around trees helps retain water and insulate roots during temperature fluctuations. If the fall and winter seasons are mild and the ground is not frozen, periodic watering is very helpful.

Winter PlantingWinter Tree Planting

If the ground is not frozen, fall and winter are prime times for planting new trees. Winter moisture establishes a strong root system for the tree to thrive in the spring. For help with new installments, contact the experts on our landscaping team.

Don’t forget about your landscaping as the seasons shift into fall and winter. For a beautiful start next spring, take some proactive steps now. Contact the tree and landscaping experts at Rice’s for a free quote on winterizing your landscaping at (440) 582-7669.

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