Spring is in the air, and everyone is feeling the fever! The sun is out, the breeze is warm, and we’re ready to begin outdoor grilling, walking, and landscaping. Over time, it’s easy to neglect landscaping and tree growth on your property. Keep your sidewalks, driveway, and roadways clear of debris by trimming back your trees, shrubs, and plant life this spring. For help getting your property back in shape, contact Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping.

Spruce up Your Lawn with Tree Trimming this Spring

Overgrowth and Walkability

There’s nothing worse than going for a walk around the neighborhood and having to step off of the sidewalk because there are natural obstacles such as low hanging tree branches and overgrown shrubs. As a homeowner, tree and landscaping overgrowth can escape us. Take a moment to walk your property and evaluate the condition of your landscaping to create your plan of attack.

Whose Tree Is It Anyway?

Identify property lines, and know that you’re only responsible for what lies within your ownership. Wherever the tree trunk stands identifies the owner of the tree. If a tree trunk straddles property lines, both landowners can claim ownership.

What if a Neighbor’s Tree Extends into Your Territory?

If tree branches or limbs extend into your property, you have the right to trim the tree back to the property line. Be sure to stop at your property line to avoid encroaching on your neighbor’s territory. Any trimming done within your property lines is your financial responsibility.

How to Keep the Peace in the Property Line War? 

Tree trimming is a serious and potentially dangerous activity that should be left to the professionals. In addition to physical demand, plant life has its share of emotional attachments. It’s important to avoid a neighborhood feud by focusing on your property only. When in doubt, be sure to identify property lines and communicate landscaping intentions to invested parties. Keep open lines of communication with neighbors and the homeowner’s association to avoid any confusion.

Contact the tree trimming experts at Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping at (440) 582-7669 for safe and professional tree trimming and removal on your property this spring and summer.