If you have trees on your Cleveland property that need to be cut down, don’t spend your weekends focused on this overwhelming task. Instead, call the experts at Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping. Our team members are licensed, insured, and can handle any tree removal task, whether large or small. There are also several other reasons you can rely on us for safe and effective tree removal. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Choose Rice's Tree Service for Professional Tree Removal?

We Respond to Emergencies

When a strong storm knocks down a tree in your driveway, or that dead tree in your backyard finally falls, you can call our team any time of the day or night. Eliminating safety hazards for Cleveland area residents is our number one priority. If that heavy tree is leaning on your roof or a branch has gone through your window, we will respond the moment you give us a call.

We Hire Professional Tree Climbers

Rather than relying on cranes or buckets to remove trees, we use the old-school approach of hiring professional tree climbers. We ensure their safety by equipping them with the ropes, rigging, and extensive training they need to safely remove trees and branches. We have found that we can better control how and when a tree falls by working inside the tree instead of from a bucket. 

We Clear Large Acres of Land

Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping delivers effective tree removal for both residential and commercial customers in and around Cleveland. Did you know we also provide land clearing services for real estate developers? That’s right! We make quick work of removing scrub trees and brush from your property with our expert tree removal technicians and commercial wood chippers. We can continue serving you once the land has been established with apartments, retail outlets, office buildings, and more, with our lawn care and snow removal services.

Expert Tree Removal in Cleveland

Don’t try to remove a dangerous tree by yourself. Call Rice’s Tree Service today at (440) 582-7669 for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment. We also provide other valuable services in the Cleveland area such as tree trimming and pruning, landscape maintenance, mulching, shrub trimming, snow removal, and more.