A light covering of snow on the trees and bushes in your yard make for a beautiful seasonal photo. When that snow covering turns into a heavy and wet layer of ice, damage is bound to follow. The professionals at Rice’s Tree Service and Landscaping want to ensure that the greenery surrounding your home remains damage-free and healthy during our long, stormy winters. Removing snow from the trees and shrubs in your yard will increase their chances of living a healthy life for years to come.

Why It's Important to Remove Heavy Snow from Trees and Plants

The Best Time to Remove Snow

The best time to rid your greenery of snow and ice might seem to be right after a long snowstorm, but that is not the case. If you wait until the storm is over, this heavy layer of white coating can turn into ice and freeze to the branches. This makes it almost impossible to remove any snow without causing some type of damage. The best time to take action is during the middle of the snowfall. Ridding the trees or plants of snow in increments will keep it from piling up in layers. Not only does this reduce the chances of breakage or splitting of branches by heavy snow, it also decreases the likelihood of ice forming on the leaves and stems.

Be Gentle with Your Snow Removal

The best way to remove snow from a shrub or tree is to gently wipe it off with a soft broom. Heavy tools, such as shovels or rakes, can damage the branches, bark, and the tree itself.  If you aren’t able to remove snow throughout the snowfall, and it freezes to your trees and plants, then it’s best to wait until the temperatures are warmer. Once the snow begins to melt, you can gently brush it off, reducing any further damage.

Call the Professionals at Rice’s Tree Service

If you find yourself unable to take care of the wet, heavy snow that is blanketing your trees, call the friendly team at Rice’s Tree Service. Our family-owned business works year-round, providing snow removal services and tree removal services in the Cleveland area, including Parma and Brecksville. Contact our office at (440) 582-7669 and request an estimate today.

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