Do you have a dead or dying tree on your property? Or, do you want to re-design your landscaping and need to remove a tree or two? While the experts at Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping can safely remove trees from your property at any time, there are benefits to waiting until winter to do so. Keep reading to learn why you should wait until winter to remove trees from your property in North Royalton, Ohio.

Why Wait Until Winter to Remove Trees from Your Property

Protection for Flower Beds

If you choose to remove a tree from your property during the summer or fall months, there is a risk of damaging any current landscaping that surrounds the existing tree. Our team will do our best to protect your landscaping while working in your yard. If you choose to wait until the winter season, when perennials are not on display, there is much less risk to your flower beds or mulched garden areas.

Less Soil Compaction

Often a tree removal company will need the assistance of large equipment in order to safely and correctly remove a tree. When moving this heavy equipment onto your property while the ground is frozen, there will naturally be less soil compaction. During warmer months, there is a higher possibility of injury to the soil in your yard.

Time to Plan Ahead

If a tree is providing shade in your yard, removing it can greatly impact the flower gardens on your property. By waiting until winter, there’s no need to worry about this issue. You’ll also have time to plan ahead on how you’d like to re-design your landscaping in the spring, taking into account the loss of a tree or two.

Call for a Free Quote Today

If you’re not sure if you should wait until the spring to have a tree removed or if it needs to be cut down sooner, the professionals at Rice’s are happy to help. Contact us today and we’ll answer all of your tree removal questions. You can also request a free estimate by calling (440) 582-7669. Along with our professional tree removal service, we also provide tree trimming and pruning, lawn care, and snow removal.

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