Most Cleveland-area homeowners don’t think about autumn being a crucial time of year for lawn care. After a summer’s worth of mowing and trimming, you’re probably ready to put away the lawn tools! However, we at Rice’s Tree Service & Landscaping urge you not to give up on your grass just yet.

fall lawn

Fall is actually an important time of year for your lawn’s health. When winter hits and grass grows dormant, your lawn needs to be in a healthy state in order to survive the winter and begin thriving when spring rolls around. Our lawn-care team suggests that you prioritize these lawn services to get your lawn healthy before winter hits.


Lawn aeration involves a special tool that pulls up small plugs of soil from the ground. These tiny holes in the ground are important, because they help reduce lawn thatch and give your grass room to breathe in order to let oxygen and nutrients get down into the roots.


Most Ohio lawns require a winterization treatment late in the fall. The type of treatment you use is dependent on the type of grass you have, so we recommend that you talk to a lawn-care professional about the best fertilizer and when to apply it.


Fall is wonderful when it comes to mowing your lawn. The grass tends not to grow quite so rapidly, so you don’t feel like you have a part-time job keeping your grass cut. However, don’t abandon mowing your lawn just yet either. Experts at Cornell University give the following advice: “Stop mowing in fall as growth slows, usually about the time that the daily average temperature falls below 50° F for a week. Don’t leave the grass more than about 4 inches long because it can mat down and encourage snow mold.”

Before you trade in your lawn mower for rakes and shovels, be sure to give some time and attention to fall lawn care. However, if summer got the best of you and you’re just over it, you can also call lawn-care professionals to manage some of the fall lawn cleanup and mowing for you.

We at Rice Tree Service & Landscaping offer fall lawn care and cleanup for Ohio residents in and around Cleveland, North Royalton, Medina, and Broadview Heights. Call us today at (440) 582-7669 to get a free, no-obligation quote on fall lawn services or to find out about our current specials.

photo credit: Solitary via photopin (license)